Story #5: “Pastor to pastor, it was a great experience”

by Rev. O’Dwyer

Our Church group of thirteen tourists were able to take six bicycles with us to Cuba in January 2011. We stayed at the Playa Pesquara Resort. It was quite easy to get through the airport in Canada as well as customs in Cuba.

The bicycle I delivered personally was for Pastor Jorge. It led to a magnificent experience. As a Pastor in Ontario, I am thrilled to report that we have established a continuing relationship with Pastor Jorge’s Church in Banes.

All of the bicycles were picked up at the resort. We kept them in storage there. All in all it was a pleasant experience, with very little bother to us.

Personally, it was a GREAT experience.

Rev. Gary O’Dwyer
Pastor, CTS, Cold Springs Ontario

Story #4: “I immediately donated my own racing bicycle to help the kids on the team”

by Jeff

While cycling in Cuba I frequently come in contact with local cycling teams in need of decent bicycles and equipment. In December 2009 the school team in Banes originally had only one poor quality bicycle for all 14 kids to share. I immediately donated my own racing bicycle and equipment to help the kids on the team.

Upon returning to Canada I began locating donated bicycles and equipment and started sending them down to Cuba for the school cycling teams. Word of mouth spread, the media picked up the story, and voila!

By Christmas 2010, I had completed shipment of 30 good racing bicycles plus helmets, clothing and gear, all donated and transported by caring Canadians.

Jeff Reid
Sutton, Ontario

We have donated bikes and equipment ready to go, year round!