Story #2: “Win – Win”

by Karen

The first week of December 2010 I took a racing bike for the Banes youth racing team that turned out to be a win – win situation.

The bike was timely delivered to me at the Toronto Airport. It was boxed, carrier costs paid for and loaded onto the belt for me. Upon arrival in Holguin the bike box was easily located near the regular luggage, no questions asked as I easily placed it onto a free of charge moving trolley for delivery to the bus driver, who took care of the rest.

Jeff was extremely kind and generous as he fitted me with a bike for my personal use for the week. It was also great to meet the racing team coach and friends who picked up the bike from my resort location on the last day of my stay.

Karen Herzog
Toronto, ON

Banes racing coach and bike mechanic

Story #3: “I am sure to take more bikes next trip!”

by Kimberley

This was my first trip to Cuba and I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I agreed to take donated bicycles along. It all worked out very well. Jeff delivered the four bikes to the airport and helped us check them in. At the Holguin airport the bikes were placed with the rest of the luggage and we wheeled them onto the resort bus without any difficulty.

Cuban custom officials were all smiles and wished us a happy holiday. The team coach met us two days later at the resort, Club Amigo, and packed all four bikes into a tiny ancient Lada and off they went to Banes. Seeing the joy on their faces made the whole experience worth it! I am sure to take more bikes on my next trip.

Kimberley Kennedy
Ontario, Canada

Bikes in racing school safe storage in Banes

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